April's Playlist



Warmer tempratures, sunny days, the smell of fresh flowers.. We must all be on cloud nine this month (and we might have Bryan Adam's old album on our list too)

Here is what I have been listening to this month and on the hunt for something new - always! So if you have some tracks that is must have for the playlist, give me a shout below.

  1. The One - The Chainsmokers
  2. Something Just Like This - The Chainsmokers
  3. Rhythm Inside - Calum Scott
  4. Swim - Cape Cub
  5. Whispers - Kings
  6. Withdrawal - Max Frost
  7. We Are Kids - North
  8. Reasons - Godwolf
  9. Modern Love - Coasts, RAC
  10. Burn Fast - BKAYE, Bryce Fox
  11. Stockholm - Thastor
  12. Revolution - Novah
  13. Spoke the Words - Maham, Wolf Tide
  14. Forget who we are - Kav Verhouzer
  15. Children of the Sun - Daniel Baron