The Essentials Collection



As every fashion student's dream is to go on their own, so was mine. I started my business not too long ago. It always seems like yesterday! At university, my designs were known for their crafty approach. I loved my domestic knitting machine so much that I spent my off term holidays with it. I still love it. Every knitter would agree with me when I say there is never truly an end to what it is that you can do with that magical thing! Following graduation, I took a big step and launched my first collection - SS15 (I am going to leave the details of my journey out of this post). My style can be described as artisanal, wearable and feminine with a slightly masculine influence. Having done a few collections, I decided to do a basics line (something I never thought I would do).  The idea behind this is to offer my customers a variety, starting with a small range of colours and adapting to the customer's demand, something that can be targeted to everyone (ok not literally everyone) as opposed to a smaller market . These will only be available on this website. I want to offer colours that people want and cannot find elsewhere by keeping good relations with my customers. So, don't be shy, drop us a message and we can look into it! While I love the playfulness in the collections, I also love a good basic sweater and an option that is not just black and white! A lot of the pieces from the Essentials are made up of 100% Wool and some are made with interesting marled yarns. What I really love about the wool is its soft texture which is why I wanted to offer some very basic effortless styles from it. I am awaiting winter so I can live in all the samples.

These are all made within my little studio in Nottingham, where I spend most of my time. Finished with clean rib details, these are shaped (fully fashioned) ,leaving very little or no wastage of yarn. While I have done some cut and sew since learning the fashioning technique, I personally love knitting everything to shape. You save on all of that yarn that would end up in the bin; have a better control on pattern; can plan all complicated pattern exactly to the outcome and the most important (just to every knitter) you can never forget your counts as it is right there marked on your graph! Another great point is that if the linking comes undone, it is a really easy fix. I can't imagining dealing with unpicking overlocked edges. Phew! Moving forward, all of the styles from the collection will have details informing the customer of its make - the person who made it (my very helpful students, myself or my occasional freelancers), when it was made (no the jumper has not been lying in the stockroom for 6 months, it is literally made to order but again, our knit-astic arms are quite quick at knitting so don't be put off by the delivery date); time taken (while we are born with great knitting powers, it does take over 3 hours to knit).


The styles are described by their yarn name. 

CANBERRA - This yarn is sourced from Italy made from fine Australian wool. To make it even better,these are lightly washed to bring very comfortable, not itchy but soft, soft delights! It is also Woolmark Certified. 

When I learned how to treat this yarn, I wanted to have all basics made in all colours from the shade card. I cannot possibly describe the love I have for this fibre! They have some amazing colours to offer, so I am looking forward to having new shades on board upon demand.


Slightly sexier, not too much skin and an alternative to the crew. I personally love this neckline as it is slightly a higher V neck than the usual deep neckline. 


Wear it anytime, over anything. You cannot get this basic style wrong. 


Everybody loves a good chunky knit. No one will ever spot me in anything else in winter which is why I choose not to travel to cold places because my luggage would cost me more than the holiday. Anyway, you have the option of cables, front or back, or both if you are a little bit indecisive as I am or nothing at all. Keep it minimal if that's your style or have them both if you want the best of both worlds. There is nothing cosier than a chunky knit in the winter (throw on any of the canberra styles and I promise you will not want out of it). Available in three colours - Magenta (Yummy! Step out of winter blues and brighten it up with this colour) ; Burgundy - I love this one as an alternative to black in the winter, its a deep red, almost really dark but not black ; Marled white - because you need a basic white jumper that will go with anything (I have all whites in my wardrobe because one can't have enough of this colour).


A great subtle twisted (blue and white/black and white) yarn that is still feminine, comfortable and versatile. The cardigan and jumper are a great alternative to your usual plain knits. Keep it interesting with these!


I was pretty much stressed all day and the day before it too. No matter how much sleep I get or how prepared I am, the stress is always there, but the good kind. We held the lookbook shoot in a studio at Nottingham Trent University in Nottingham. This time, I decided to collaborate with a new photographer, Karl. We work in the same building and I can't speak enough of his filming talent! You can view a good glimpse of it on the little preview video for the collection.

Lucy Hughes is a student from Nottingham Trent University on her placement with us and has been working here since July. I am always, always, always grateful for the help I receive from students. They have been the ones that have made all collections possible. They come with knowledge learned from their courses and leave knowing so much more that is shown through in their final year collections. I try an keep in touch with some, checking up on their journey to their final year and following graduation. It is always great to keep in touch! Lucy pretty much knit all of the pieces from the collection. She has been very hard working, committed and I don't think I have ever seen her frustrated at the machine. All good! She offered to take some behind the scenes photographs for the business which she will also be using for her project at university.

Model: Amy De Robillard, First Model Management. 

Photographer and Film : Karl Harris from KH films. 

Playlist:  A bit of electric and the odd spotify playlist.

All in all, it was a great day. I am really looking forward to launching new styles in October and November. Hello Pom Poms!