The Happy Beanie



A few months ago, we let a new little creature into our home - Brian, the cat. Originally named Edie, he was a frequent visitor and always refused to leave our company. So, we adopted him. He was old, but a beautiful (big, really big) cat. I loved going home to him, he would keep me company on the armrest, for which he was really too big but that would not stop him; he would lay beside me on the sofa waiting for little tummy massages whilst I would watch Television. A couple of weeks ago, he seemed to have gotten really ill (which we were aware of when we took him in). We took him to the vet and it was just a really sad day as we had to make a really tough decision. I had a really difficult time dealing with this but time makes everything better. A day later, my dog (from india) passed away. I have not had to deal with death and a week of bad news was devstating. Anyway, onwards and upwards now. I am much better and I am so happy to have given Brian a home and loving company for the last few months he had and my dog on the other hand, had the best life. Really - he was really pampered and very well looked after. 

A lot of people who know me well, know that I deeply care about animals. Having grown up in India, I saw the unfortunate lives of stray animals, from starving puppies to injured cows on the street. My mother, sister and I did as much as we could to help these animals. We have rescued birds, puppies and dogs from the streets and still continue doing the best we can to contribute towards their welfare. I have always wanted to do more. There is something I feel within me when I help an animal in need. I cannot describe what it is but making the slightest difference for them, is just the most satisfying, peaceful thing to do.

Having been in the UK for quite some time now, I have been following a few animal welfare organisations. Today, I finally decided to take action through my business to show my support and help raise money towards different campaigns. There are so many I wish I could support but we all have to make our decisions! So, I am going to take a small step towards something good and something I have wanted to do for a very long time. I have been following the works of World Animal Protection for while now. They have quite a few campaigns - rescuing animals used for entertainment like bears, horses, elephants etc., helping those during disasters,  protecting dogs from brutal culls and the list goes on. Animals across the world face a lot of suffering and cruelty. I am hoping that I can raise money through my business to donate to WAP. 

I have created 'The Happy Beanie' x WAP range which features new colours to our most loved beanies. £3 will be donated to WAP for every sale made. These are handknitted by myself using a blend of cotton and wool, featuring faux fur pom poms. Initially, I was going to design a small range of clothing for the bear campaign. However, everyone has shown a lot of love for these beanies and this would give me a chance to raise more :) 

They are super cute, they come in a few different colours and I will update the range with more colours soon. If you have a colour in mind (I am thinking of blush pink already!), let me know. If you are going to be buying one of these beanies or have bought already bought it, show your support by using #thehappybeanie . I hope to share the support from all of you on my website, so please do give the brand a shout wearing your favourite happy YM beanie.

See how your donations would help World Animal Protection.

A worthy cause + a cute beanie = Win, Win! 

Buy The Happy Beanie and show your support here

Lets make a difference :)

YM x

**Please note that is not a collaboration. I will be making donations from my business to support the cause/s.