Latasha Hammond

June - September 2014

' Interning at YM was a fabulous opportunity that has provided a great insight to a bespoke knitwear label. A great focus upon colour, texture and pattern has been worked towards within the collection, which is a big fulfilment I have wanted to engage with. In my first few weeks, I have covered so many aspects within the studio such as, creating patterns, toieling, swatching, colourways, jacquards, fittings and creating final knitted garments. Yakshi has been an ambitious and talented person to work alongside, who shares extensive knowledge and support within the placement '

Ami Hannah

June - December 2014

'Working with Yakshi Malhotra has been a great experience, being able to work so closely with the whole collection, having the opportunity to be hands on and creating for the company from day one. In the first few weeks, I feel I have already gained a variety of new skills and after my full six months here, I know I will be very prepared the final year of my degree'

Florence Roberts

September - December 2014

'It has a been a fantastic having the opportunity to work for Yakshi Malhotra. Seeing the different aspects of the brand from the beginnings has been a valuable experience which I will remember and take forward to the future. From working on a very hands-on basis, I have gained a good knowledge of knitwear, from pattern cutting to swatching, plus many other skills that will benefit me hugely in my final year and beyond'

Bomi Han

January 2015

'I was very glad to work with Yakshi because I learned diverse skills
and solving problems in relation to knitting. I think that she is a very creative
and brilliant person to work and learn from. I feel that a lot students would gain a lot of knowledge, from
developing design to knitting garments using various techniques. I would have no hesitation in working
with her should opportunities arise in the future'

Cloe Hubbard

January - June 2015

‘Interning for Yakshi Malhota was a fantastic opportunity. Seeing the industry from a smaller up and coming brand opened my eyes to a new level of fashion and has inspired my future career path. Over the six months I covered everything I wanted to learn and more, from toiling, swatching, helping with fitting and gaining skills and the confidence to produce final garments on a knitting machine. It was amazing to be able to work alongside Yakshi and she’s given me the knowledge I need to take to my finial year of university.’