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UK Knitwear Sampling and Manufacturing

Yakshi has worked with various clients, from designing and swatching to producing final samples of knit, accompanied with technical packs for factories; all of which includes menswear, womenswear, childrenswear/babywear and homeware. If you are looking for someone to design a knitwear range for you, or if you need some advice on yarn suppliers, factories or are simply looking for someone to produce you one off samples, it is definitely something we can do. Yakshi also loves helping students who want something knitty for their graduate collection or need the extra help finishing pieces. Scroll down to see the services we can offer and also some examples of work.

Based in Nottingham, England

uk knitwear sampling and manufacturing

creating mini garments and swatches inclusive of embroidery, domestic & DUBIED machine knitting, crochet and hand knitting


I work with swatching studios to create trend led, commercial and market specific garments with emphasis on stitch details, trims, colour and fibre to be presented to international clients. I also work on a one-to-one basis with clients to produce mini garments for different seasons as per their brief. 

UK knitwear manufacturing, sampling and produciton
The Weir Knitwear Manufacturing and Sampling UK

August 2017 | Men's Fairisle Knitted Chunky Cardigan

The client wanted a hand knitted cardigan with a festive look. This was knitted on 3gg Machines using chunky DK wool to give it a hand knit feel. The cardigan consisted of fairilse pattern, pockets and finished with ribbed trims and buttons.


Vodafone Knitwear Manufacturing and Sampling

December 2016 | Men's Fairisle Christmas Jumpers

I worked closely with the team to advice on yarn, patterns and overall fit for the Vodafone Christmas jumpers. These were knitted on 7gg Machines in 100% Merino Wool.

UK Knitwear Sampling and Manufacturing

I have used various methods of drawing CADS such as Illustrator, hand drawings and SDS one software (shima) to create 3D simulations for the designs and swatches.