I have been somewhat obsessed with dog jumpers (as you may be able to tell). I am trying very hard not to make my social media all about the jumpers (or Louie) but I am still stuck in the ‘new pup’ phase. Louie isn’t a pup anymore but he is only coming upto a year so I am going to let that count :) The design simply came from playing around this fancy electronic machine at work (I work part time at a university). While I have previously used electronic knit machines, I have only just learned how to design on it and I absolutely LOVE it. While I was learning around some design tools on the software, I got really carried away experimenting with some knit structures within jacquards. Result? This beautiful argyle jumper. Now, it did take a lot of tries to perfect the design. It really wasn’t a first swatch, final design kind of thing. It took a lot of trial and error to get to what I really liked.

Now let’s have a look at the newbies, shall we?

THE Albie JUMPER - REd & Blue

A modern little number with an update to the classic argyle pattern. Argyles are such a timeless pattern that have been around on sweaters and socks for quite sometime now. I have always opted for a fairisle jumper but this time round, I wanted to give this plaid pattern a little update.

The Albie jumper consists of a slightly enlarged pattern completed with a combination of different stitch structures to give it texture and depth. This sweater is made adorable with its combination of colours and little hints of brights such as yello w and pink. Still a subtle combination with Navy as base colour, hints of red and pink (or yellow and blue) give it an added interest.


It is knitted in soft cotton which is great alternative to wool - light enough for spring but thick enough for chilly morning or evening walks. It is quite a practical knit with its ribbed under belly knit which holds a lot of stretch so the pup can grow into it. The length is long enough to cover the back, the underbelly is short enough so there are no accidents and the jumper is sleeveless for comfortable runs. Louie has a long body and is a little bit thin for a Shih Tzu but he wears a Size Small. He measures 38cm in Length, 39cm in Chest and 30cm in Neck. I have attached a dog size guide below with the suggested breeds. However, the jumpers have a lot of stretch so don’t worry if your pup is slightly bigger. If you are unsure about the size to go for, do not hesistate to get in touch and I would be happy to help.


Louie and I found this beautiful little entrance to a local boutique,  Debbie Bryan . How gorgeous is it?

Louie and I found this beautiful little entrance to a local boutique, Debbie Bryan. How gorgeous is it?




I really do love patterned jumpers on dogs but this one truly is my favourite. I think it would smarten up any little pup. Louie loves strutting around in his and I hope yours does too :)

Speak soon

Y x

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