The collection I have been wanting to launch for a while is finally here. I know a lot of you would have been seeing the posts of some of these jumpers on Tiny Louie and also the idea of them launching in November (and then moving into December).. It took a while to get things into place as I have been in the midst of consultancy services, assisting with university, finishing up the products and ofcourse, basic life duties like catching up on Netflix, sleeping and taking care of the house. I really wanted to launch this before Christmas but unfortunately, I was travelling to India and would not have had the time to make the orders in time for Christmas deliveries (as these are all made to order). Moving on, I am extremely excited to introduce the small but absolutely adorable collection to you:


I must start with this little jumper because it was the first style I made and I absolutely adore it (I know, I know! I say this about all doggy jumpers). I love a bit of pattern and this design combines that really well with colour that would make any dog look like an adorable little star! Knitted using 100% Merino Wool, it is a cosy but lightweight knit featuring a mix of colours, mustard, greys and blue; finished with ribbed trims and tipped coloured edges. It features short sleeves that just adds a little bit of cuteness to the style. The silhouette is quite basic, with curved hems and the bottom(tummy) panel being short enough so there is no worry of any accidents and your dog can lift his leg up freely anywhere.

It comes in 2 yummy colours. See the next one.


All same as above but in a sweet colourway. It has a mix of red, pink, navy and greys to give it a feminine spin to the jumper. Little dogs would look absolutely adorable in this design!

A little christmasy but Fairisle knits can be worn anywhere anytime. If you do buy it for festive season, it will be something that will be with you all christmases to come (not a wear once, throw away item). Knitted using 100% Merino Wool, it is warm but light to wear. It comes sleeveless so your dog can run freely (louie is very bouncy and loves running about on grass). The pattern features a little bit of texture brought across with Bobbls that makes it special.


Made form 100% merino wool, this jumper features a micro waffle knit pattern. With its classic monochrome colour way, the subtle stitch detail makes it a classic number that will suit any dog. This knit has a lot of stretch so its quite a comfortable wear.


This textural knit puts a playful spin to our wardrobe favourite, after all, everyone needs a classic cable knit jumper, don’t they? Featuring cable pattern with added bobbl details, this is a chunky but light weight knit, perfect for cooler days. It comes in a soft blue colour at the moment but happy to take additional requests.


While knits usually have a good stretch, some of these have quite a bit of patterning on them (or stitch details) which sometimes doesn’t allow it to stretch as much. So in order to make sure the knit fits your little pooch well, it is best to follow the size guide as below. If you are unsure what may fit better, feel free to drop me an email and I would be happy to help. Alternatively, I also offer custom made jumpers. Follow the link here.

Measured on a round in CMS

Measured on a round in CMS

I am very excited to see the response on these jumpers. Special thanks to Louie for the help(he was a very good model) and all the distraction.

Speak soon

Y x

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