Oh look what is finally here

After what seems like a year (not really, it was only a few months) but months longer than my goal of launching, I am so excited to finally reveal the new website and ofcourse the new pieces. Apologies to those who have been waiting. I can understand the frustration of logging into a website and seeing ‘COMING SOON’ for what seems like forever. But wait no more. It is finally here.

I have been in thoughts about rebranding and finally got my head to it. A lot of you know that I have done quite a few seasonal collections, been part of some really great boutiques but as a small business, it got very difficult to be in competition with bigger brands and their prices. My production has been in house and some with local manufacturers (small studios) and this has always meant that my costs were quite high. Selling through some great independent boutiques meant adding 4.5x on the cost to sell directly to my customers. As the costs kept rising, my margins (the profits to my business) kept decreasing which meant taking very little back to the business. It was a struggle. There was no way of growing as a business. it simply meant long hours of really hard work and very little to keep from it. And so, I decided that the brand needed restructuring.

I absolutely love doing what I do. I love knitting, I love making, I love conversating with my customers and offering a personal service. And so, I decided to continue making the very special knits that take me hours or days to finish but sell them directly to you - without the industry margins, making it more affordable and the ability to reach a wider customer base.

Secondly, with the rebranding comes a new way of working. I have been working on pieces that I feel have been difficult for me to find. When I feel inspired by something, I make. I really dislike being tied down to the way the brand should be or what the brand should create. If I really want to create something, I will create it. The pieces will launch throughout the year - Not seasonally. They come out when they are ready, it is as simple as that. This means that I can focus on creating beautiful pieces available through the year rather than following fleeting trends. While most of the pieces are made to order, some will have a very limited stock available as they are made with a local design studio. I don’t keep thousands of pieces around so with every order placed, the customer receives a fresh piece, which also means certain personal changes can be requested like length alterations, slight colour changes etc. The idea is to continue making pieces and also outsourcing some other beautiful designs that are difficult to create on my machines.

Lastly, being a VERY IMPORTANT point for me - with every order, £5 will be donated to an Animal Rescue (this excludes the Outlet). I have been wanting to do this for a very long time and it has finally fallen into place with my business. While I do this personally, I really want to make a small contribution to the welfare of animals through what I love doing. It won’t cost my customers any extra money, it will directly come out of what they purchase. I have been donating to HSI for a while now, and I continue to do so though the business but also donate to a local rescue who have been helping rehome dogs and have recently been working with the Dog Meat Trade. I hope that I can show you the difference you make with every purchase. I am always transparent and honest in the running of my business and this is a place for me to share that with you.

If you purchase something from my website, do share it on social media with the #kindtothepaws and I would love to feature all photos here.

Finally, with the new site, comes my very exciting collaboration with Love My Human a pet lifestyle boutique. We worked on a few jumpers together (you can read about it here) and this (and having my little fur baby, Louie) has inspired me to make a small range for dogs. The designs are usually inspired by everything I make for my little pup so it all comes approved by him ofcourse. Everything you see is everything Louie has and wears but I am happy to take additional requests :) I wanted the new range to be launched this month but with so many things to do, it has faced a slight delay but will be launched soon on the website (I wish I could blame Louie and his distracting puppy eyes).

If you are wondering what the Outlet is all about, it is everything that we made a few extra of from past season collections or one off samples that never made it to final collections and these will not be brought back. As I wish to create better, newer pieces, I have discounted these pieces. Moving forward, I will not be participating in sales but will offer the occasional discounts so everything you will find in the Outlet will be a one time thing. Grab it while you can.

I also have some new pieces launched which I will mention in a new post but I can’t hold my excitement for the new beginning! Be sure to sign up to the newsletter so you hear about the new launches.

Y x

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