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I was ever so excited to be approached by Love My Human, a pet lifestyle boutique in London for a collaboration. I have done a few dog jumpers and have loved the idea of doing my own but the idea did not really go anywhere due to the rest of my workload. LMH and I went forward with this beautiful small collection of knits that are now available in their store only (some are online too - link attached). If you are interested in any, please feel free to get in touch with them directly or drop me a message and I will contact them for you :)

If you have been following me for a while, you would know that I include pink and blue almost everywhere so this goes without saying that I had to have some for dogs too. Who doesn’t love these colours really? With all my knits, I love texture and this continues over to this collection. We also wanted to add some bright colours to add some exciting fun options for dogs.

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This special colourful knit comes from my kidswear collection because it just is so beautiful that we had to design it for other baby in your life (I mean puppy). This s my favourite piece of knit (ever) because of its chunkiness and soft feel. Out of all the jumpers I want to make for my pup,Louie, this one will be the first. He is a boy, so it will be blue (although he gets mistaken for a girl all the time so hopefully this will do the trick).

It is one of my favourite patterned jumpers because it is a great alternative to a classic stripe knit and adds interest with its multi coloured stitch texture. It comes in 2 classic baby colours ( there is nothing to guess here about which ones they would be), one for a furry little boy and one for a pretty little girl ofcourse. A sleeveless style with high neck collar to keep your pooch super cosy on a chilly day.

Scarla is available on LMH website.

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Every one of us has a classic cable knit jumper in our wardrobes so this must go the same for our little pups but this time it comes with a playful touch of bobbles. There is a colour for every pup - brighten up on a winter day with mellow yellow, add some purple to a dull morning or go with the classic colour that can never do you wrong, Black. I personally love a bit of colour but absolutely love a black jumper for my dog. He already attracts too much attention ;)

What I love most about this style are the sleeves. I mean who knew long sleeves on dogs would look super cute?

Available in stores only.

Theodre looking ever so fluffly.

Theodre looking ever so fluffly.

I know I said I already had a personal favourite (Scarla) but how cute is this? It is a little obvious but dogs and bones just go and it doesn’t get old. I love a bit of pattern and I just had to include a bone pattern knit for the pups. It comes in 2 colours (ofcourse) I probably do not need to mention this again but for the sake of information, it is blue and pink. In my defence, it is blue mixed with turquoise (yum!) and magenta pink (yum yum!).

Made in soft merino wool with a touch of viscose to bring out a hint of turquoise. This has been knitted, washed to lightly felt the fibres, bringing out that soft, cosy feel. It is finished with rib trims and a turnover neck collar with buttons that are actually functional (not just for show). Incase your pup gets so cold that he needs to hide in his collar (I mean I tend to do that all the time!).

Available in stores.

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