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We love sourcing the best fibres for our garments. There is nothing better than using the most textural yarns, softest wools and crispest cottons.

We have put together a guide with simple instructions so the garments remain long loved by you for years to come.


For exact measurements, please refer to the bottom of the page of each product.

Extra Small - UK 8-10

Small - UK 10-12

Medium - UK 12-14

Large - UK 14-16


some general tips for caring for all our knits :

  • Hand Wash where possible

  • Machine wash on a delicate wool cycle at 30 degrees

  • Use a delicate or wool specific detergent - we always use Woolite

  • We suggest drying all your knits flat whilst gently reshaping them (knits can be heavy when wet and that extra weight will pull them out of shape if you dry them over a rail or hanging up).

  • Remember, no knitted things enjoy a trip round the tumble dryer, so always air dry if possible.

  • Iron on low-medium heat. We always suggest lightly steaming your garments as it helps remove any wrinkles and retain shape better.

  • Fold, Don’t hang.


  • Wools don’t need washing as often as other fibres might, they will last a lot longer between washes if you spot clean them where needed and simply air them out.

  • Natural fibres are delicate and therefore some pilling may occur initially with the first few wears as the soft surface fibres rub together - use a lint roller or lint brush to gently remove them 

  • While some woollen garments are machine washable on ‘Wool’ program, we strongly suggest hand washing them using mild detergents. You can additionally get them dry-cleaned.

  • When drying, we suggest that you lay your woollens flat on a towel to absorb any extra moisture, whilst gently reshaping them.