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Having a great deal of love for knitwear, we ourselves have our wardrobes full of wooly goodies. It is difficult to avoid little pulls in thread when you are out and about in a lovely jumper. We want to be able to help you out if your knitted product has come undone in anyway so you can hold on it - thread pulls, overlocked edges, grafting, etc. We will request for some photographs of the item so we are able to advise if it is something that we can fix for you. Kindly drop us an email or fill out the form describing what it is that needs to be repaired with some photos if possible. Yakshi will be in touch with you within 24 hours.

Please note that we offer a free knit repair service if the product is bought from us. However, we offer repairs for any knits (from other brands): 

  • Prices start from £25

  • Repairs can take upto 2 weeks

  • Urgent repairs are an additional charge

  • We can fix holes, ladders, hide lose threads and much more.

So we can quote you, please send us photos of the damage. Email Yakshi directly on or get in touch via the form on your right.

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“Yakshi, you are a true magician transforming the tattered cuffs on my beloved varsity jacket back to the original stylishness“

Bruce Lynn