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About Yakshi Malhotra

YAKSHIMALHOTRA is a knitwear brand, born in Nottingham, England 2013, the creation of Yakshi Malhotra, the person, born in India. With years of experience working in the knitwear industry in the likes of McQ by Alexander McQueen, DKNY and Leutton Postle, finding in this way her own artistic path Yakshi established her namesake clothing label. 

YAKSHIMALHOTRA takes classic shape as the basis, and builds upon it with a playful approach with lots of stitch and texture (and well, sometimes pattern).


whether it is a classic merino knit with beautiful stitch work, a hand knitted chunky jumper, crochet finishings or hand embroidered motifs; we think it is what gives our knits its authentic characteristics. It all depends on the mood and the feel at the time.

‘Having designs produced on my knitting machines frees me to experiment on techniques that are not necessarily mass producible. This allows me to create endlessly and explore different stitch and texture and really be lost in my own world. I love to be in control of every little detail of the garment and see my ideas come to life from a simple end of yarn to an actual piece. I guess I love it because to me it is so personal. I spend a lot of time researching, swatching and developing one design that when it’s finished, and I would have spent days with just the one design. It is an emotional process of making and loving something that I am so proud of creating and someone who appreciates this as much as I do. The excitement lies in the process of making that I think this brand strongly reflects: all of the handcrafted details in every jumper.

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At the heart of the brand

Yakshi’s vision is to create clothes that people want to wear, love to wear and what makes them feel amazing (and keep really cosy) combining this with her love for animals. Every product bought from us triggers a £5 donation to rescue shelters helping animals. Read about it here.

"I always start from what I want to wear and what is functional and wearable but exciting to me. I guess you can say that these are simply things I seek to have in my wardrobe. I love a good oversized chunky knit for effortless style but then I also love a slightly fitted delicate knit paired with trousers. This is what I wish to reflect in my brand: sweet femininity contrasted by a slightly boyish influence"

It comes out when it comes out.

No seasonal collections: Knitwear all year round.


We no longer launch seasonal collections; instead we work on designs piece by piece, introducing them throughout the year. We knit garments upon order so we only produce what needs to be produced. Our most popular styles are knitted in small quantities so they are still kept fresh and designs are restocked as per demand to ensure that we do not overproduce and waste any good craftsmanship. This also means we will not be participating in Sales. As a small business, our marks ups are low so we can make our products affordable to our customers. We put a lot of thought and time into each of pieces that we simply cannot match the workings of larger businesses. That doesn’t mean we won’t treat you to occasional special offers.





All our pieces are made in the UK but we absolutely love collaborating with artists across different countries. Our hand embroidery comes from India, where Yakshi travels back home to carefully get designs made. We also seek out different artists to work with us on small ranges such as embroiderers, illustrators and collaborations with small boutiques. We have a very curious mind and love seeing how we can work with exceptional talent to keep things fun and exciting. 

While most of our knits are produced and finished in our studio in Nottingham, we also work with a small production studio in Leicester from time to time to make use of modern electronic knitting machines.


We love to keep it personal.


We don’t only care about our products but also love having a chat with our customers and getting to know them a little bit (or as much as they want to tell us about them). From the very click of your order, we keep in touch informing you of the stages of the jumper, delivery times, any information that would be helpful to you and also just a general chat. So yes, there really is a person in front of the computer screen making note of the order and knitting it up fresh (whilst doing a happy dance with a cup of coffee and getting Louie hyper).

"As most pieces are hand produced in my Nottingham studio, I find it exciting to offer to individualise and manipulate the design for customers to make it a little more special and personal to them. So if you love a particular jumper from the website but want a few changes to make it unique to you, its as easy as dropping me a quick message to find out."

yakshi malhotra

~ I am an absolute animal lover. I have always, for as long as I can remember, wanted to make a difference to the welfare of animals (If I had a pot of gold, that’s where it would go). And so, I am hoping to raise a lot to donate to independent rescues and HSI. 

~ If I could, I would love to dedicate all my time to helping animals. My heart goes out to the people that rescue them from terrible conditions.

~ I love organizing. I could spend months at just that.

~ I do plenty of research before any decision I make which includes a lot of excel calculations and I plan and I plan and I plan.

~ Morning drink? Cappucino with chocolate sprinkles, please.

~ Born and raised in India, but currently living and settling down with my beautiful partner and fur baby, Louie.

~ I try and do it all. I work part time at a university helping students, work on my business the other half of the week, freelance for a swatch studio and offer consultancy services to clients. These are all knit related (ofcourse!).

~ I have a very curious mind. I love learning.

~ When I’m not knitting, I am de-stressing with cooking (hah, that just rhymed). I love cooking and have always wanted to host a dinner but never have. When the day arrives, I will be sure to let you know.

~ I love food. I love it more than anything in this world. It makes me happy. REALLY HAPPY.

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