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Merino Wool and Cotton are our favourite fibres. We absolutely love working with them.

~ We love the complete opposites: Beautiful weighty chunky knits and very delicate feminine knits.

~ We also love oversized knits. Is there anyone who wouldn’t want to walk out their door feeling like they are still wrapped up in their blanket?



Handcraft plays a substantial role for us. We love crochet finishings, embroidered motives, chunky hand knitting and anything that basically has a hand touch to it. Keeps it personal, isn’t it?

It’ll always be pink with us. While we absolutely love black and white (who doesn’t really?), we can’t deny our love for pink. It will come in different shades but it will be always be there amongst new colours.

~ We launch new pieces as and when they are ready. We do not work with seasonal collections. There is a little something throughout the year and we like to keep it that way.

~ We only work with small quantities so we do not overproduce and waste any good craftsmanship. Now that is responsible.



Behind every jumper is the thought of yarn, the decision of gauge (weight of knit), the endless hours of knitting to get the right quality of swatch, pattern making, graphing and dealing with confusing numbers, knitting the actual garment itself, pressing, re knitting if it has not come out to size, grafting and/or linking, trims and finally finishings (labels). Every adult sized jumper with us takes a minimum of 12 hours to make, and this does not include development work. So, we really do love what we do else we would be really out of our minds to go through the all of the above.

donate to animal rescue

We LOVE animals. To combine the

greatest two loves: knitting and

animals, we have dedicated the

business to help animals in neeD.

With every purchase you make, we

donate £5 to animal rescues and

also donate some knits to keep them

warm. You can read about it here.


We love to get technical, really technical before all of the making begins. We love graphs and mathematics.

~ We start from zero every time. Every knit we create, we start from the very bottom, and if it goes wrong, we have to start back down again (deep breaths everyone). Each garment is created upon choosing yarns, gauge, colour, stitch and finishings. It almost feels like we’re spoilt for choice sometimes, kind of like mix and match candy. That’s what makes knitting ever so beautiful.

~ Going back to the point above, we think people who actually knit, know patience on a complete different level. Just saying.