The brand has been part of some great boutiques for the last few years and is now growing and moving in a different direction.

We have since opted out of seasonal collections and focus solely on creativity and pieces that are in demand from our edits without traditional markups. Everything that our customers buy are made by happy hands, all responsibly made. 

The business is based in Nottingham where Yakshi herself runs all operations, alongside hard working students who contribute towards the business during their placement year. We make sure they take back a great deal of knowledge to be used in their final year. You can read about their experience with us here


YM deliberately limits ranges to small quantities and adds new styles every few months, as opposed to seasonal collections so there's always a reason to come back and discover something new. This allows us to only bring you more of what you love and predict demand on our products. This also means that pieces are not heavily trend-led so they can be worn or used season after season, celebrating slow fashion (but we promise not to get boring). We love experimenting with artisanal techniques such as crochet, hand knitting and embroidery (we certainly cannot deprive you of some lovely Indian embroidery from our Yakshi’s heritage), so you can expect some lovely features through the year.

You will find details on the garment you have purchased, such as date of production, how it is made, person who made the garment. If you do want to know more about your purchase, do not hesistate to drop us an email. All of our garments are devoted a lot of time from start to finish where each of them are researched, sampled and designed by Yakshi herself. We really appreciate any suggestions and feedback so we can get the right product to you. Drop Yakshi a message if you would like to see a new colour in your favourite garment, or perhaps a style you are after and cannot find on our website or a completely new style that you cannot find in the market. Always happy to have a chat :)


Originally from India, Yakshi Malhotra moved to the UK at 17, to study knitwear design in Nottingham. During her time within the degree, she pursued a year of placements at McQ by Alexander McQueen, DKNY and Leutton Postle. Finding in this way her own artistic path, she established her namesake clothing label in late 2013. Focused in the creation of complex and compelling knitwear, Yakshi Malhotra reflects her love for textiles and craftsmanship with her lovely knitted pieces, made with a combination of high quality fibres, using domestic machine and artisanal techniques- think of crochet, hand knitting and hand embroidery.The brand revisits classic silhouettes through the combination of different textures, resulting in a sweet femininity contrasted by a slightly boyish influence.


We source luxury fibres from Italy, manufacture all our products in Britain and showcase the artisan skills of Yakshi's Indian heritage which includes a range of fabrics, trims and embroidery, combining these elements to create beautiful products that are otherwise difficult to find within the UK. 

We keep very limited stock or no stock at all if the garments are produced in our studio (made to order), which means we do not over produce any garments, avoiding dead stock, and a fresh piece is delivered to you. You could also be one of just a handful of people owning any piece you buy from us. Our garments are also shaped individually that helps us produce them with minimal wastage during production. Time consuming as it may be, Yakshi wants to play a part in contributing towards sustainability. All these beautiful knits are knit in our studio with a lot of love and attention.

Yakshi Malhotra